Friday, July 8, 2011

me play softball? that's un-possible!

Good morning everybody! I know it’s been sometime since my last craft post! I have been having such a busy week. It was definitely short one because of the holiday. Can you believe it’s already Friday?!

I’ve been preparing for my company’s softball tournament. Every quarter there is a softball tournament for charity. We pay a fee of $395 per team to play in the tournament. I believe half(which I think should be a total 100% but hey umpires and the field that we play at have to get paid) goes to a charity called Junior Achievement. It’s basically for kids. It is co-ed with the rule of at least 3 girls playing at all times. It’s going to be huge! There is a total of 37 teams playing! That’s like nearly 500 employees and that’s without the family and friends coming to watch us.

It is going to be my first time playing it in – or first time EVER playing a real softball game. That was never my sport. Basketball and Volleyball I could do. Practice has been fun. Everyone has been trying to teach me how to throw and bat. I obviously throw like a girl. Apparently, I “push” the ball and don’t put enough power into it to throw far. I originally didn’t even volunteer to play but when my department’s team was short some girls I wanted to be a team player and said yes. Look what I’ve gotten myself into! Melissa took me to the batting cages on Wednesday night and they were teaching me how to bat correctly.

Melissa insisted that I needed to buy cleats because my teammate Andrew(Hi Andrew! He’s a new fan of my blog!) slipped at practice. I know I’m buying cleats just to play a couple of games of softball but hey I have all my snowboarding gears and I only go snowboarding a couple of times a year! Of course, Mike will be there with his big camera to embarrass me and yell at me when I need to run. no me grites!

Tomorrow is the tournament and it’s going to be a HOT HOT HOT day! I’m so paranoid with the sun right now. I mean I’ve lived in California for the past 15 years and I’ve always been fine…but this year the sun has been really beating me up! In my last entry, I blogged about how I was dehydrated and had a migraine. It was a heat exhaustion! THEN at practice on Wednesday(mind you this was at like 6 p.m. and it was still scorching!), I nearly passed out because after I ran the bases, I ran back out to the field without drinking any water. I was so dizzy and couldn’t see anything straight! So I need to a lot of water and I think as long as there’s sun… I’m not going to drink anything that will dehydrate me… i.e beer.

It will definitely be an interesting day tomorrow! oh yeah I’ll be the catcher!

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