Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas 2011 with Nai, Patty, & Melissa

Hello everyone! So I did NOT do my 12 days of Christmas postings. Luckily I didn’t promise anything! LOL. I somehow got busy with Christmas that I didn’t get around to doing it.

I had my Christmas gift exchange with Nai, Melissa, and Patty. I wanted to share some pictures with you. Another great year with awesome presents with them! I'll explain some of the pictures now.

I gave Patty a set of bowls because she always invites us over soup but she doesn't have bowls. It's always BYOB = bring your own bowl.

I gave Nai a hairbrush because when she had us over for Thanksgiving, I told her to go get ready. She said "I AM READY!" haha so I was like "oh... go brush your hair or something so we can take pictures" hahaha





LOVE all my gifts!

Another great gift that I got was from my friend David. I was seriously touched by his gifts and how much trouble he went through. It was just really sweet. He went to Hobby Lobby(which by the way is AMAZING!!! I was like a kid in a candy store! I wish there was one closer to where I live.) He got me ribbons, stickers, BUTTONS, an artbin for my cricut cartridges, and a Cricut tool kit -- which I already had so we exchanged it for a Letter Press kit! It's probably one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received. Thank you SOOO much!!!

I love having people in my life who enables my crazy hobbies! Anyway I went ice skating last night. I'll have to share pictures tomorrow!

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