Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ice Skating L.A Live

Living in Southern California, we don’t have a frozen lake that we can ice skate on. But there are indoor ice skating rinks! Since, I used to rollerblade a lot as a kid, ice skating isn’t that tough for me. 3 years ago, I went to New York and wanted to ice skate at the Rockefeller Center – which is outdoors! I didn’t get a chance to do that because it was WAY to packed. THEN when L.A Live opened, I wanted to ice skate there. again never got around to doing it until Sunday night!

It was like the perfect Christmas atmosphere. Obviously it wasn’t snowing but it was still chilly outside. There were a ton of people. The ice rink wasn’t the biggest but still fun. For once, I was actually good at something while everyone else struggled. Normally, I’m the one that’s struggling and everyone else is trying to help me! Lol

still against the wall

this is as far as where patty made it.

David - who was such a good sport even though it was his first time ice skating!

the girls <3

Nai <3

Patty <3

Shanna <3

out and about and away from the walls!

Tony!!! LOVE this pic of us!


everyone that went! such a fun night! <3

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