Monday, December 12, 2011

Family Pictures

Hellloooo everyone! I know I have been MIA for the last week but I’ve been working HARD to put my craft room together.

I started on last Wednesday night by sweeping and mopping the floor. Then I put together the 4 (2x2) Expedit units that I bought from IKEA. Friday night I went to IKEA by MYSELF. I was able to fit the 5x5 Expedit unit in my little Toyota Yaris. I folded the backseats down and moved my front seats up(I drove home like a grandma… luckily I only live like 5 miles from the IKEA) I loaded the shelves by myself into the cart but luckily IKEA offers help in loading into the car. So the IKEA guy helped me load it into my car and my dad helped me unload it. Then I went back to IKEA like an hour later to buy my Jonas desk and my Alex drawer unit. Loaded all of that by myself. Man was that tiring! But it felt Soooo GOOOOD to get it done on my own. I’ve been getting a lot of things done on my own since I no longer have an enabler in my life. I guess it’s good and bad.

Spent until 11 p.m. on Friday night building furniture! Ew I never want to build another piece of furniture EVER again! (of course that’s not true because I still have a desk and dresser to put together) I woke up Saturday morning at 7 a.m. and finished my Jonas desk and my Alex drawer unit. I went to the dentist and Wal-Mart. Came home and started moving ALL my craft stuff out of my room into the craft room. OMG I probably took like literally like a 100 trips going back and forth. I moved pretty much EVERYTHING on my own. My mom helped me moved the two shelves since I couldn’t do that by myself. I finished moving everything on Saturday night. Then Sunday I went back to IKEA to get more things. I think I spent like $700 at IKEA this weekend. I finished organizing everything Sunday evening. I just have one more table to put together. It’s going to be my main work area. It’s the Expedit desk that needs to be attached to the 5x5 Expedit Unit.

I know you’re all wondering – well where are the pictures of the room? I’m not COMPLETELY done yet. My mom sewed curtains for me last night. Mike has offered to take some pictures to hang on my walls! I’m really excited for those because those will be landscape pictures of L.A. I will put pictures up and maybe even a VIDEO TOUR of the room when I am ready! Thank you all for being patient and being there with me through my journey. I’ve always dreamt of having my own craft room and now it’s like so unreal!!! I am absolutely loving it so far! SOOOO MUCH WORK but soooooo worth it!

My family and I took family pictures at Sears yesterday. Yes FAMILY PICTURES. I haven’t done one of those since I was like 15! So these are pictures that I took with my DSLR while we were waiting for the studio pictures.

me and my grandma! She is my only living grandparent. LOVEEEEE her. She had been my legal guardian for quite awhile. She always made me whatever I wanted to eat -- actually still does! She's 81 years old and still cooks for me!

Mommy and Daddy!!!

My Cousin Linda and Sheila. My only cousins in California.

my grandma and her daugthers.

me and my parents. They are the BEST!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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