Monday, January 2, 2012

Checking in & Updates

Good evening everyone. It's been some time since my post and I wanted to check in with everyone and let you know all know what I've been up to. This will probably be a long post with tons of pictures since I've done a lot in the last week!

As you all know it's hard for me and my girlfriends to all meet together to do anything now these days. Every one's schedules are so busy and it's so hard for us to actually find ONE day when all of us could be together. I didn't even get to see them before Christmas. We met the day after Christmas. I wanted to show them all my craft room and share my special space with the girls I love dearly!

Sally wanted to try this fancy restaurant on Friday. Cafe Pinot in Downtown. L.A. It was good. I wouldn't say that I LOVED it but it was just great catching up with my friends.

New Year's Eve was GREAT. Tony planned EVERYTHING out for us. He went and picked up all the entrance tickets to the club. He had dinner for us, the transportation to the club -- he was also our designated driver. On top of all of that, he pretty much let ALL of us stay over his house.

FAIR WARNING -- my outfit is revealing! Sorry if it offends anyone.


There was a lot of ups and downs for me in 2011. I'm definitely ready for 2012! I've been nothing but smiles lately and I can't wait for more of that!

Thank you all for being a fan of my blog!

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