Tuesday, January 31, 2012

flowers flowers flowers

Good afternoon everybody! I’ve been meaning to update for the longest time but I keep forgetting my camera in the car to upload the pictures. I finally brought it today.

I did get around to making something in my craft room on Wednesday night AND it’s not a CARD. I said I would make other things besides a card. I have a ton of things I’ve been wanting to make from Pinterest but haven’t gotten around to it. I did organize my craft room a little bit more. And by organize I mean I bought more fabric drawers from IKEA to toss stuff in. Those are the BEST storage solution. They look neat and people can’t see your mess inside.

I got a ton of exercise this past weekend. On Saturday, I went to play volleyball with David, Nai, Tony, and Shanna. It was in the gym that I played basketball in… when I was in 8th grade! Lol I hadn’t stepped foot in that gym since I was 13. Volleyball was fun and now I am left with 2 floor burns and a bruise on my knees. I really shouldn’t dive for the ball unless I have knee pads. I have knee pads for snowboarding and I should have brought them with me. On Sunday, we had our recreational league softball team practice. My cubemate(kind of like cell mate -- he sits next to me at work) Sam was trying to teach me how to throw properly. I still throw like a girl.

So back to what I made on Wednesday night. I love going to the dollar stores to alter things. It’s inexpensive and I can put my own special touch to it. I’ve been thinking of more decorative items for my craft room. I thought it would be awesome to have some flowers. Obviously I can’t always be putting fresh flowers. So I picked up these “silk” flowers from the Dollar Tree. The awesome thing is they sell the vase and the rocks there too. This whole arrangement cost $5.

AND I got some FRESH flowers delivered to me at work today. Just because flowers are the BEST. They’re so beautiful and smell sooooooooo good! Thank you David <3

It's humungous! My arms got tired when I was bringing it up to my desk.

I love lilies!

my tall, dark and super handsome :)
(I've been a paparazzi with him all day! I'm learning how to use my 35 mm lense.)
Thank you so much for stopping by!
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