Sunday, October 23, 2011

baby shower gift tags

Hi everyone! I'm in my procrastinator stage again. I really should be writing my speech and writing my essay for my mid term for tomorrow but for the last hour I've been browsing the Internet. lol. Yesterday, I slept all day and when I finally got up... of course I didn't do my homework. Instead, I wrapped some baby shower gifts for my mom. Then I wanted to make some tags to go on the gifts.

I made the gift tags with My Creative Time stamps and dies.

The 2nd gift is from my grandma. I would have done this in 2 separate posts but Wendy and Helen would have said it was cheating. lol

I have 7 more weeks of school! I'm so over school... it's ruining my social life. lol. Ok, ok I gotta get started!! Hopefully I can squeeze in some time in between my essay and speech to make some cards. Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

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