Wednesday, October 5, 2011

gift card holder for a coffee lover

Good morning everybody. We’re having our first rain fall of the season in the L.A County. Traffic was ridiculous. I was driving like 10 miles an hour, if that! It was so dark and gloomy that I was falling asleep. Everyone freaks out when it even sprinkles so you can imagine how bad it is when it is actually raining.

Ooh exciting news. Lol Well sorta to me. Helen had the bright idea for me to have guest bloggers on my blog. SOOOOO Wendy and Helen will be guest blogging on my blog in the near future! Hehehe

As I said yesterday, I love the gift card holder die from My Creative Time. I wanted to make another one. This is for my co-worker Jessica. She's so sweet. She brings breakfast for our whole team every other Friday. She absolutely loves Starbucks. I thought a Starbucks gift card would be appropriate to show her my gratitude!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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