Saturday, October 8, 2011

Helen's Bridal Shower

Good evening everybody! I know I hardly post on weekends but I'm home on a Saturday night with nothing to do. I just got home from Wendy's house. We were making cards again! hehe.

Today we had Helen's Bridal Shower at Chado Tea Room in Downtown L.A. Funny story -- apparently there are two Chado Tea Rooms in the City of Los Angeles. When you Google it.. the first and only search result that comes up is the location by the Beverly Center. So we went there and of course it was the wrong location. We were late 30 minutes going to the correct one in Downtown. Luckily -- the bride, Helen, did the same thing and we beat her there. lol.

Anyway, this post will be picture heavy as I actually put my DSLR to use! We had some yummy sandwiches, scones, and tea! The games were fun. Who needs to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress when you can make one out of toilet paper?! haha

I know that was a lot of pictures! Today was a really good day! Thanks for stopping by!

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