Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hi everyone! I'm back! Cancun was so much fun. I was so busy at work today. Catching up on tons of e-mails!

Here are some pictures from Cancun! Hehe it's actually a lot of pictures

when we first arrived at the hotel

eating my birthday dinner at bubba gump


underground river


Mike & I

Me & a school of fish

and I got cut by a coral reef!

these iguanas are HUGE!

Aeron & Mike with the mayan

our very own avatar!

the mayans playing "fire hockey"

Selvatica Ziplining! This place is the best!

getting ready to go...


dune buggy! they let us drive without helmets! that would never happen in the U.S!

our birthday money Selvatica gave us!

The Mask!

awesome tacos and some beers... could life get any better?

I just love how blue the water is!

Mike swimming like a fish

Hotel restaurant with a view.

Party night!

they threw confettis everywhere!

Coco Bongo

look at how packed this place is! totally over the fire code... only in Mexico!

hola gato!

Just another day on the beach....

watch out for the seaweed monster though! RAWR!

Our last dinner...!

wasn't statisfied with dinner so we went across the street to Maragritaville for some gucamole!

last day... our ocean view room

in the lobby like a bunch of tourists!

Cancun was a lot of fun! I'm glad to be back home though... will be heading out to Santa Barbara on Saturday morning!

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