Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My 25th Birthday Festivities

Hello Everyone! Good morning. Since I will be in Cancun this weekend, I had my birthday celebration with my friends this weekend. The plan was for us to go to dinner and go bowling after. But during the day, my friends planned a surprised birthday lunch for me!

It was so cute and they went through so much to get it together. And of course, when Mike was bringing me to Wendy's house, I was being difficult and wouldn't go in the house until I saw Helen's car down the street. lol.

the table set up was so cute. since I'm a Spring baby, they did a Spring Theme.

Yummy yogurt parfait

Jam that Helen made herself



Wendy went put her Imagine to work for the centerpiece. It said "Happy Birthday Cynn" across the table

My birthday present from Helen, MMai, TMai, & Sally.

Wondering why I'm holding a hubcap? lol Rony and I take the same Freeway to work. He always sees me on the Freeway and noticed that one of my hubcaps were missing from my car! Who knew plastic hubcaps from Toyota costs like $90 for each one?! Ridiculous right? Rony found one for me at the junk yard.

The first card Wendy ever made! She made cut everything by except the scalloped Circle with the Imagine. Mike forgot to take a picture of the inside, but inside was a pop up card! A birthday cake WITH candles pops out when you open it. It was SUPER cute!

Helen, MMai, TMai, & Sally got me a waterproof camera to use in Cancun! Canon D10. I'm excited to use it!

Wendy got me some hot rollers for my hair, which I was opening. She also got me some false eyelashes, a bikini set, some awesome CD cases from IKEA to keep my Cuttlebug folders and Clear Stamps that I store in CD Cases.

my delicious BLUE VELVET cake! It's from this bakery called Milk on Beverly Blvd in LA. I LOVEE THE CAKE!

making a wish and blowing the candle

pretending to cut the cake for the picture... Helen really did all the cutting.

Slice of the Blue Velvet and chocolate dipped strawberries Thao made.

My AWESOME friends! Sally... who was sick, was still a trooper and still showed up, Mmai, Wendy, Helen and Thao... who was afraid of radiation poisoning and almost didn't show up!


  1. lol. how is irvine anymore safe from radiation then west co? hahaha so funny.

  2. she also wanted all of us to take a trip to vegas "to get away" from the radiation!