Monday, March 14, 2011

It's tough fighting Monday AND Daylight Savings...

Good morning everyone! It's already 11:15 a.m. in California but I'm not sure that I'm awake yet! It's tough fighting Monday AND daylight savings... I feel so tired. I don't think I've ever been effected by Daylight Savings before. I didn't have a set schedule for work before. Working 8-5 is NOT fun! Nothing is open before work and everything is closed after work.

I am still coughing up a lung! I threw up the last 2 days from coughing so much. Being the hypochondriac that I am.... I might possibly have acute bronchitis or Mycoplasma pneumonia. lol I self diagnosed myself through WebMD. I went back to the doctor on Saturday and she prescribed another antibiotic. I also had to do a chest x-ray. No results yet though. I have exactly ONE week to get better. I will not enjoy my vacation if I'm still sick by then or WORSE, they won't even let me fly!

I love the month of March. Because being that it's my birthday month, every one wants to take me out to eat and shower me with presents! On Saturday night, I had dinner with my friends from work at Buca Di Beppo.

Everytime I wear a headband, they tease Nai by saying "Nai, why did you bring your little sister?!" The hostess at the restaurant said I looked 19, instead of 25.

With my new Ipod Shuffle to use at the gym.

Melissa with the card I made for her.

The two of us blowing our ONE candle.

The dinner was great. But I had a cough attack right after dinner. So I had to go home right after.

Yesterday, Wendy and I had our little play date! We ate lunch and we went to Michael's with our friend Cindy. We spent over an hour there. Our cart was full and Michael's made a ton of money off us! After we went back to Wendy’s house. I taught Wendy how to use Vinyl and a couple of the features on the Gypsy. We didn’t have actual plan on what project we would work on. So we really didn’t make anything! Most of the time we were playing with our new supplies. Next time, we are planning on making a tissue box cover. I did make a really quick St. Patrick's Day Card for Mike... I gave it to him already and he hasn't taken a picture of it yet. I will post that hopefully tomorrow!

Here is a card I made a couple of weeks ago. It's a really simple card.

Cricut: Butterfly from Home Decor Cartridge
Cuttlebug: Textile Texture Embossing Folder
Ribbon: $1 Ribbon Bin from Michael's
Sentiment: $1 Studio G Stamps

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