Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Craft Room Update III

Good afternoon everyone! I wanted to give you all an update on my craft room.

Day 11 – Thanksgiving Day -- this was the final day that the contractor worked on the room. They finished installing the door to the garage then put plasters on the wall.

Day 12 –The contractors calculated the room to be done in 8/9 days but it ended being 11 because of the rain and some complications. They had another job to go to. My dad and I sanded down all the plasters in the room and painted the primer paint when they were supposed to do all of that. I’ve never physically put so much effort into something I wanted so much! I was kinda mad at my dad for letting them go without finishing the job but he said they were still a lot cheaper than other contractors we had gotten quotes from.

Day 13 - Wanted to give you guys a look at the craft room from outside during the day.


These were the two colors I chose. I got samples from Lowe’s $2.99 for each sample color! The left color is Gold Buff – a dark yellow and the right color is Dusty Yellow – a softer pastel yellow. My mom and I both decided on the Dusty Yellow.

I pretty much painted ALL day – by myself most of the day. Painting the ceiling is HARD! I didn’t have an extender for the roller so I used a ladder. It felt like exercise as I was climbing on the ladder and then painting then stepping back down, moving the ladder, then stepping back up! When I was almost done painting the first coat on the walls, my very good friend Andrew came to help me! He helped me paint the 2nd coat of yellow on the walls and that was such a BIG HELP! He saved me like an hour of my day!

Day 14 – I had to fix the corners where the ceiling and the wall meet. I wasn’t careful when I was painting the corners of the walls. I was trying to avoid taping but I had to do it anyway!

This is what kept me entertained while I painted and worked on the room!

After 3 days of hard work, I took off all the tapes and this is how everything looks after the painting!!

We’re just waiting to put the tiles in now! Since we hadn’t put the tiles in yet… I went on the IKEA website – got the measurements of the furniture and drew on the floor. I know – I’m a nerd!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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