Thursday, April 28, 2011

fantastic girls day out

Good morning everybody! So Helen uploaded the pictures on Tuesday. But yesterday, I was too busy with looking for furniture (for my crafts room that I don’t have yet!) to update.

Like I was saying, I had at fantastic time with the girls! The pictures are all from Helen’s & Sally’s fancy cameras. I’m directly linking it from their Picasa albums. So hopefully they won’t delete the pictures any time soon!

the before
the salon
yummy goodies
MMai and I getting our hair done.

the after with our hair done nicely

hehe brace face sally

MMai busting in our pictures

Brunch at Green St Restraurant

went to a nearby park to take pictures.

a better up close one.

TMai and I trying to jump at the same time. Have I told you I have two friends name Mai? They have the same first name AND same last name! So one is TMai because her boyfriend's name is Tom. And the other is called MMai because her boyfriend’s name is Mic

I’m getting this jumping up in the air down!

We were models for Sally & Helen.

and then we got bored and was on our phones! lol

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