Monday, April 18, 2011

weekend of fun fun fun!

Good morning everybody! It’s Monday again… I hope everyone had a nice weekend! The weather was fantastic here even though all of Saturday during the day I stayed in to do my homework! So I can enjoy Saturday night and Sunday with Wendy.

Saturday night was my friend Diana’s birthday. I have a huge policy on giving gift cards as a gift. It’s an absolutely no no BUT in this case I had to break it. I hadn’t really had time to shop for a gift and I really didn’t know what Diana liked. So I had this gift card holder that I bought from Oriental Trading from a couple of years back.


I think this turned out quite well. Don't you think? I didn't use my Cricut for this. Everything was done with paper trimmer and paper punches. Sometime, it's just easier to do it without the Cricut! Especially when you're short on time.
Diana had a I Love Lucy Themed party.

Melissa, Nai, Patty and Me. Our boss calls us the comadres. haha
Yesterday The boys went paint balling so Wendy and I spent the day baking.  
We put these....
...into these!
and then we got some flying saucers! It was really good.

I attempted to make some macrons but... failed! I needed to whip the eggs more so that it's more like fluffy like whipped cream. I'm going to try again on Thursday. Just in time for easter!

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