Friday, April 22, 2011

Target Easter Pails

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!! So as I predicted, I will be leaving at 2 today! I finished all my work right now! Ready for happy hour! Lol

I made some Easter pails for my team. I love how there’s only 6 of them right now. Easier and CHEAPER to make things. I got these pails from Target for only $1. And I just used vinyl to decorate them. I used the Storybook Cartridge to cut the letters. I had some technical difficulties. I wasn’t being careful. When you vinyl around circular things, it’s a little harder. Some of the letters on the pail are crooked. Ooops.

I filled the pail with some candies and I got some games from 99 Cent Only stores. They loved it!

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend! I’m having a girls day out with my girlfriends tomorrow. I haven’t seen them(besides Wendy) since my birthday. One of them I haven’t seen since Christmas! She’s been away at school in Boston and she’s home for Spring Break.

Thanks for stopping by!

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