Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Santa Barbara

Hi everyone! I'm back at work today. I never thought I'd miss my desk! I need a vacation from all the vacations.

Here are some pictures from my Santa Barbara trip.

as I mentioned in my previous post, the weather was not cooperating with us... it was really gloomy...

a very expensive shrimp salad

the best thing about this place... the rice. maybe it's the Asian in me... but I LOVE rice!

me looking over the harbor

 Rony and Wendy came up to Solvang to have breakfast with us. Mike and Rony LOVE this place.

I'm not a big fan of pancakes.

Me giving Mike the stinky face.

I love this picture of them!

Mike dipped me to kiss me and almost dropped me!

2 years ago, we took the same picture at this gazebo.

his model pose. Silly!

A War Memorial on the beach.

Walking along the beach's art fair

getting our caricature

why so serious!

the artist and the final product

wine tasting

thanks for coming up to celebrate with us guys!

playing a bean bag toss game in between the tastings.

I'm having too much fun.

I took this picture with Mike's DSLR. After that, I think I want one now. When Mike upgrades, I think I'm going to be taking his!

We had dinner at Plazzio. This Italian Restaurant where we had dinner 2 years ago when he first asked me to be his girlfriend.

since Mike his building his photo portfolio, I let him take a lot of pictures of me. I'm his model...

playing by myself like the only child that I am!

I like these train tracks.

we were waiting for the train to take a picture of it, but it never came by!

playing in the flower field.

having fun at the rainbow arch.

My jumps are better babe!

driving home on the scenic route.

Thanks for stopping by!

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